Choose your own adventure: floating style

By Tiff
14 March 2023

Building on Lou’s brilliant idea to create a standalone floating experience within the game, we brainstormed together on our weekly call about how to take the idea a bit further.

One idea was to choose whether you wanted to float as a human snorkeler – as we did – or as Nora, in full game persona. Letting our players choose who to embody here allows for more empathy-building between the two worlds and characters.

We also thought it would be neat to “otter” near to Fugløya, or “Bird Island.” This island was central on our expedition, and we thought it would be so special to incorporate a virtual exploration of it within the game.

Finally, we had the idea of allowing a multiplayer VR experience – where two different players in the float scene at the same time could approach one another and link arms to otter together – just as Aya and Lou did in real life. We’d need to figure out servers and such to accomplish this, but the idea of it is really fun and exciting.