Our origin story

By Tiff
07 March 2023

Between weekly meetings, Lou had the brilliant idea of adding a floating scene to Found in the Fjords. This would allow players the chance – outside of the primary mission of the game – to enjoy the virtual world we’ve created in our fjord. This was inspired by an actual perfect moment we all shared in the Arctic. It was after a successful day with lots of Orca and humpback whale encounters. Debbie Bouma, our zodiac guide extraordinaire, let us stay for a bit to play in the waters. Since we all were in our dry suits, we floated easily and enjoyed bopping around the scene. All of our teammates were laughing and enjoying everything about this magical moment. – truly a moment we will never forget.

I wandered a bit – captivated by the snow-capped mountains that seemed to ring the group in all directions and by the dark emerald waters. It felt like we were inside a snow globe, and you could just turn us upside down and it would start snowing, she recalls. Aya laid on her back, floating and taking in the feeling of being there in the Arctic. Lou joined her, and the two “ottered” together – as sea otters will do – with linked hands and hearts. The scene was complete with their fins side-by-side in the air. This is where our studio name comes from. We’re the three otters, bonded together in that magical moment high in the Arctic.