We can be both Human and Orca in our decision-making

By Tiff
03 March 2023

Today, we met to record the main points we wanted to share in our submission video for the Metaverse for SDG’s Global Prize & VR Competition. We made sure to cover the educational aspects of our game, the empathic connection we are fostering, and the impact we hope this story will have for life below water.

In describing the body-swap sequence in the game and Aya’s real-life encounter that inspired it, we all were beaming with joy – remembering what an incredible moment that was for all of us.

As I described the calls to action that we present our players, I said, “We can be both human and Orca in our decision-making.” Post body swap, we hope our players begin to see how their everyday decisions have impacts on humans and animals, and that they choose with both in mind. That’s why we present each player with five different commitments they can make that will help Orcas, our oceans, and the entire planet. These can be everything from reducing plastic pollution to knowing and lessening your carbon footprint. We wanted our calls to action to be concrete, measurable, easy to understand, and inspiring.