Inspiration with a Snorkeler animation

By Louise
14 January 2023

Since embarking on this new creative journey into VR, I have been a bit of a one-person show, and have had limited opportunity to (and, to be honest, interest to) collaborate on a project. I am so glad that has changed for “Found in the Fjords”. Working with [Aya Walraven] and [Tiffany T.V. Duong] has already been one of the most rewarding creative experiences of my life and I am excited to see what we create over the next few months. [Aya Walraven]’s technology and design (not to mention project management) expertise combined with [Tiffany T.V. Duong]’s impressive storytelling abilities (she came up with an impressive VR storyboard having only watched a 10 minute video of some VR examples) have elevated anything I could have done on my own exponentially.

Working with people who inspire you is the best.

We’re almost done building all the 3D models – including our snorkeler - and I look forward to putting everything together in Unity3D