It's a challenge modeling a Humpback Whale

By Louise
05 January 2023

Some things have to get worse before they get better…

Finding the right workflow for setting up my humpback model for animation has been… shall we say… a challenge! I have gone back and forth between rigging and blendshapes, and had to start over more times than I can count because I didn’t save my file in quite the right way… But, sometimes you need a lesson in how “failures” can lead to growth and PURE JOY. I would like to introduce you to “Paul the Positive” (name courtesy of Tiffany T.V. Duong), the most spectacular, joy-inducing result of armature weighting gone wrong. (I also included the somewhat less entertaining “final version” - I think I will call him Darren - ready to animate)

Humpback model 1 Humpback model 2

Thanks to Aya Walraven and Tiffany T.V. Duong for being a part of this project with me!