An orca carousel feeding scene

By Louise
18 December 2022

How the orca feed

After a lot of learning and a fair share of re-doing, a functional demonstration animation of an orca carousel feeding (complete with tail swipe) is ready. One of the best things about being involved in the worlds of 3D modelling and XR is how willing people are to share their expertise and welcome new people into the fold. Without the many low-cost or freely-available tutorials on all aspects of these skills, I can’t imagine being in the place where I find myself today (right now I am particularly grateful for the YouTube tutorials by Yojigraphics).

As I continue to learn and grow in this exciting space, I get ever more convinced of the power of immersive technology to enhance people’s sense of awe, wonder, and empathy for this planet and its inhabitants.For those who are interested, a very brief summary of what I did: